Since we first opened our doors in 2017, we’ve had the remarkable privilege of working with so many amazing families. Recently, we reached out to our first client Danielle Olsen and asked if she would like to tell her story, and she graciously accepted. We would like to thank her for taking the time to share her memories.

On a warm and stormy afternoon in May 2017, two wonderful things were born in synchrony, the most beautiful birth center, and my baby. I had spent so much time preparing for this birth of my first baby but I know that they put in even more time into perfecting every detail at the Wichita Falls Birth and Wellness Center. For this was their baby too, they had dreamed of their baby just as I had dreamt of mine. I honestly never once felt nervous to be the first to deliver my baby there, I felt honored. Lenora, the midwife just has a special way of making you feel calm and peaceful- after all, it wasn’t her first rodeo delivering babies. I loved her the very first moment I met her. And so my birth story began, not my easiest birth, but by far my favorite.

How did you hear about the birth center that would soon be opening?

I had a wonderful doula (Tiffany Terry) who attended an open house at the birth center before it opened. She told me about it and I was so excited because I had been looking for a birth center. 

What made you reach out and contact the birth center? Did you take a tour before deciding you’d give birth there?

One night I was pregnant and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to take a bath. While I was in the tub I was scrolling FB when I saw a post from the birth center’s FB page and it was a picture of Wendy, Lenora and Cari praying at the birth center and it brought me to tears and that was the moment I knew without a doubt that I wanted to give birth there with those women beside me. I did go tour the birth center and met Lenora and fell instantly in love with her and her calm, beautiful spirit. 

Did you have any concerns about giving birth in a brand new birth center? What were they (if so) or why not (if not)?

I honestly didn’t have any concerns being the first to give birth at the birth center. I was so excited and honored to get to be the first one. I felt comfortable and well taken care of the entire time. 

Was your husband on board? What about extended family members or friends?

Thankfully my husband is extremely supportive and was on board the entire time, he trusts me and knew that I needed to feel comfortable and happy in the place that I was giving birth. Most of my family was on board with our decision, I did have an Aunt who voiced her opposing opinion, but that didn’t bother me.  

How did your birth go?

I wish that I would have spent more time writing down the details immediately after giving birth, in those simple days where you just sit around a hold a sleeping baby, but at the time that was even so new that it seemed challenging. My birth was not perfect, in fact it was tough, but my mind only remembers the good thankfully. I had so much support, a beautiful relaxing atmosphere, the most amazing midwife, a supportive husband, a warm bath, and some super intense contractions. My labor was long and I eventually felt like giving up, but that moment you feel like giving up is the moment you are about to meet your baby. Thankfully, I got to labor in the water and move around, eat, drink, and just trust my body. So to me, my birth was perfect.

How did you feel about going home so soon after the birth?

I was very relieved that I got to go home so soon after the birth, it honestly just felt normal to me. I really can’t imagine staying any longer than 6 hours unless something went wrong. 

Did Lenora come all the way to your house for a home visit? What did you think about that?

Lenora did come all the way to our house for a home visit and I thought that was so special. Im pretty sure I cried when she got there and wished she would never leave ha ha. She reassured me and helped me a bit with breastfeeding and my concerns about weight gain. I was so thankful that Lenora drove all the way to our home. 

Are there any parts of your story with us you’d like to share? Anything funny, heart warming, or even something that was hard but you overcame it?

Right at the end, before I delivered my baby and I felt like I could not go on a second longer, I tried to give up. Lenora reasoned with me and assured me and tried to motivate me, but that wasn’t enough (haha). So she sort of changed her tone a little and showed me some tough love and it made me mad at the time because I was in pain. But that little bit of mad I had there at the end was 100% exactly what I needed to get my adrenaline pumping enough to find the energy to push my baby out. It’s my favorite part of my birth story, it makes me laugh now thinking about it. Lenora is wise and she knew exactly what I needed. 

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