We are often asked which class is best for moms and their support people if they’ve already had a baby. Great question! We’re excited to share our thoughts on that to help you choose. Consider this your placement test!

Have you had an unmedicated (on purpose) birth before?
If yes, the refresher (201) class is for you! But if it’s been a while and you’re leading toward the 101 class, that’s okay too!

Have you had an evidence based class in the last year or two? (Hint: this is not usually a hospital based class but one that teaches options, coping, and alternatives to interventions).
If yes, the refresher class is for you! But if you prefer to attend the more thorough 101 class, please know you’re welcome to do so.

Did you answer “yes” to one or both of the above questions AND you know the about these important parts of labor?
Dilation, effacement, contractions, and basics of interventions (tools used by hospital providers such as induction, IVs, Pitocin, epidurals, vacuum? If yes then the 201 class is for you!

Do you mainly need to be reminded about the stages of labor, how to cope through them, what the pros/cons/alternatives to interventions are and you’d like for your support person to brush up on their hip squeezing skills?
If yes, then 201 is for you!

We will only very briefly touch on postpartum newborn & mom, so if you had a rough postpartum time, didn’t breastfeed or struggled to breastfeed, the please take the appropriate classes (POST101 and/or FEED101) to get ready for a better experience this time.

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