We are excited to launch our brand new client orientation! For years I’ve felt we are letting some prime time slip by when we don’t get to educate moms and dads on some very important things before they come in for their first visit around 10-12 weeks. Many moms call us just a few weeks pregnant and want to get started and this is great because the newly pregnant mom’s mind is primed to learn during this stage.

In the past, we’ve tried to shove all the important things into the first visit or two. This must feel like we’re giving moms a drink from a fire hose because there’s a LOT to share and do at that first prenatal visit. By the time we settle in and have more time in visits to share all the things we want you to know, you’re nearly halfway through your pregnancy!

So we’ve come up with a great solution-our client orientation meeting. We’ll offer it monthly so once you’ve made your first appointment, register for the (free) orientation. Hopefully you can attend the orientation before your first appointment!

It will cover topics such as:

-Nutrition for a healthy pregnancy


-Chiropractic care

-Midwifery style of care

-Birth Assistants

-Preparing for birth mentally


-How to use our charting program

-Which midwife will be at your birth

-What happens if we transport

-Tips to make your birth center experience smoother

Of course, as we launch it, some of you will be past that 10-12 week mark in your pregnancy. There is some information in the orientation that you will have heard before but we’d like to ensure all of our clients have all the information presented, with no gaps. Therefore if you’re 30 weeks or less, it is mandatory that you attend the orientation. If you’re past 30 weeks, we’d appreciate you trying to attend but it is not mandatory.

Current dates & times:

Oct 3 1-3pm

Nov 14 10am


Orientations will always be on a Saturday

Please contact Wendy for more information

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