Secret Garden Suite

The Secret Garden Suite is a vibrant and enchanting space designed to create a joyful and calming environment for birthing. This suite features a unique and whimsical decor, with floral themes and bright colors that evoke the feeling of a hidden garden oasis. The spacious bedroom is adorned with soft, blush pink walls complemented by wainscoting, adding an elegant touch. The room is furnished with a comfortable bed draped in colorful linens, surrounded by bright, decorative pillows. The focal point of the room is the beautiful butterfly artwork above the bed, which draws the eye and adds a sense of wonder and serenity. Large windows allow natural light to fill the room, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. All light fixtures in the room are custom-made, including the entry artisan chandelier and the one-of-a-kind pendant lights on either side of the bed, designed specifically for this room. These unique fixtures enhance the cozy and bespoke feel of the space. The room also includes a seating area with two plush chairs, perfect for relaxation and support during labor. The overall decor is a delightful mix of modern comfort and garden-inspired elements.

A free-standing specialty birthing tub is situated in a cozy corner of the bedroom. The tub is surrounded by soft lighting and overhead, a hanging plant adds a touch of greenery, enhancing the serene environment. A comfortable leather couch provides additional seating, and a vintage rocking chair adds a nostalgic touch.

The bathroom in the Secret Garden Suite is a cheerful retreat, featuring vibrant floral wallpaper imported from a Swedish artist that covers the walls, creating a lively and uplifting atmosphere. The floor is adorned with hand-painted, artisan-made tiles in a beautiful hexagonal pattern. The walk-in shower is decorated with additional hand painted tile. The vanity is sleek and modern, with a white countertop and wooden cabinetry, complemented by a whimsical blue-framed mirror that adds a playful touch. The bathroom also includes a bidet toilet for added comfort and hygiene.

The decor seamlessly blends bright, cheerful elements with functional design, creating a unique and harmonious space. The beauty of this space truly allows you to get lost in your own secret garden.

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