The past 8 months at the birth center we have devoted many hours towards meeting accreditation requirements through the CABC (Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers).  While this has been a painstaking process it has made us an even better birth center.

Is a birth center required to be accredited to operate?

No.  Birth Centers in Texas are required to be licensed through the Department of State Health Services.  Accreditation is an optional step above and beyond licensure.  Many insurance company will only credential accredited birth centers as they know they are adhering to a strict quality of care for their clients.

How does accreditation of the WFB&WC benefit me?

Exert from AABC:  Licensing and accreditation give the public and parents a way to decide whether this is a quality center or not. Professional licensing and accrediting agencies provide oversight of the outcomes of care in the center as well as the physical facility.

 They are looking at aspects that are very difficult to judge about the quality of care, such as:

  1. Charts and pregnancy outcomes
  2. Staff relationships
  3. Client satisfaction
  4. Overall organization of the birth center.

They are also checking basic safety features, such as:

  1. Fire hazards, smoke alarms, and emergency exits and plans
  2. Temperature of the water for washing sheets and towels
  3. Temperature and pH balance in the tub

Birth centers are held to a much higher standard of care to be granted and maintain accreditation.

How many birth centers in Texas are accredited?

Out of the 75 licensed birth centers listed on the Department of State Health Service’s website, ONLY 8 are accredited through the CABC.  After an intense 3-day inspection we are happy to say that we are one of the 8!  We are proud to offer the best care possible for the women in our community.

By Dr. Cari Guidry-Owner, Chiropractor & Mom

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