Ever wonder what kind of inside scoop a midwife would give you about pregnancy, birth, baby care and her relationship with you? Read on for the good, the bad, and the ugly!

  1. We love to educate and give you options. Sometimes we may overdo it and sometimes we may be sleep-deprived and miss telling you about a little-used herb we learned about years ago that might solve your issue. When in doubt, ask us!
  2. We love getting to know your partner, so bring them along to your appointments if they can come.
  3. When your mother gets eyes as big as saucers when you tell her you’re not giving birth in the hospital, bring her to meet us. It almost always helps for her to ask her own questions and make sure you’ll be taken care of.
  4. If you don’t actually plan to take our suggestions, please be upfront and tell us. It helps us guide your care in a more productive way, which really just means we need to make sure we don’t need to find alternatives so that you can stay in our care. Something little to you may mean something more serious to us in the big picture.
  5. Chiropractic care makes your birth easier for you.
  6. Chiropractic care makes your birth easier on us, too.
  7. Settle in and get used to the idea of seeing your due date come and go. Working hard to start labor prior to then is often futile and may lead to a longer labor.
  8. Pacifiers can change your baby’s palate for life. Make the choice to use them wisely.
  9. We know it may make you feel uncomfortable to lead your own care. If you ever feel a little shaky doing so and want more help, tell us. We think you’re going to love looking back at your experience knowing you were the chief decision-maker.
  10. When it doubt, hire a doula.
  11. Baby mittens are so darn cute. But they interfere with breastfeeding cues and comfort for your baby. Tight swaddling of the arms is the same.
  12. When you reach out saying, “I hate to bother you but…” just know that we love, love, love the individualized care we get to give you and that includes being available to you. Truly.
  13. Texts at 2 am asking questions about what crib mattress to buy make us a little grumpy (yes this is a true story). We can’t turn our phones off at night, remember. But don’t forget #12! Timing is everything!
  14. We love seeing your family grow on social media!
  15. Every one of our clients and their families has a place in our hearts. We get so excited to see you’re expecting again and coming back to see us. We love hearing from our families even years after their birth(s) with us. Staying in touch is a great blessing to us!

Author: Wendy Fowler

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