Seven Ways to Cope

Out of hospital birth is becoming more common as people learn about their options. We are so happy to offer women in Wichita Falls this evidence based option full of respect for woman and respect for the birth process. Some people haven’t yet caught on to all the benefits a birth center can offer and may not understand why you’d consider giving birth outside of the hospital walls. When those people are close friends or family, it can cause tension. Here are our suggestions to tame that tension: 

First-Educate Them: 

  1. Bring them to Meet the Midwife or to one of your prenatal appointments. It’s always nice when they realize she can monitor the baby, do blood work, order sonograms and stop a hemorrhage in labor. 
  2. Have them watch the Business of Being Born. This documentary has enlightened more people about out of hospital birth than any other source in the last decade. 
  3. Have them read anything by Ina May Gaskin. They may think you’re crazy, but they might see the wisdom in avoiding unnecessary interventions. 
  4. Bring them to Tribe Talk. Women share birth stories the last Tuesday night of every month in the Gathering Room. Every month there’s at least one mom who gave birth at the birth center who shares, so they’ll get to hear first hand what it’s like. 

If that doesn’t work: 

  1. Talk it out before hand. It’s best that even if it’s an “agree to disagree” situation, all the expectations are laid out before the birth. 
  2. Don’t invite them to the birth. This one sounds harsh but you only get one shot at *this* birth so it’s imperative to surround yourself only with those who 100% believe in your birth plan. Having others in the building who don’t can sabotage your success. 
  3. Don’t tell them you’re in labor. My best friend didn’t tell her family she was in labor or that the labor was taking place at their home. Instead she called and said, “Michael was born at 3:42pm, at home…yes, on purpose.” This was to protect her mental health during pregnancy and birth. 

We look forward to serving you and your team. Please let us know if there are ways we can help your family feel more assured about your chosen birth space. 

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