I think back to many years ago before I became so entrenched in the birth world.  I would see pictures of friends taking a bath after delivering their babies at home or at a birth center.  I would often think, “I can’t believe that she is posting that picture on Facebook with her sitting in that poopy water!”  Fast forward a few years and I now realize the ignorance in my assumption. The herbal sitz bath is something that many of clients have enjoyed the most as part of their experience at the birth center.

Imagine after all of the hard work of birth relaxing in a warm, soothing herbal bath with your newborn babe.  Ingredients such as comfrey leaf, lavender flowers, shepherd’s purse, uva ursi leaves, plantain leaf, red raspberry leaves, yarrow flower and sea salt work synergistically to aid in the healing of mom’s sensitive perineum post birth and baby’s cord after birth. Our birth assistants start steeping the herbs as mom’s labor progresses so the herbs can get totally infused in the mixture before preparing the bath when mom is ready after delivery. An already luxurious bathtub becomes manna!

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